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In March 2003, BNR Co., Ltd. was established by researchers of chemical products and automobile parts. In 2004, BNR Co., Ltd. replaced expensive imported medical devices by succeeding in localizing "TROCAR," a product used in endoscopy. Based on this, BNR Co., Ltd. Obtained the license to manufacture medical appliances in June 2004 and started producing medical devices. Since then, BNR has led the localization and sophistication of endoscopy apparatus.

Also, BNR Co., Ltd. established its quality assurance system that includes the development and manufacture of medical devices by obtaining foreign certificates such as KGMP, CE, ISO 13485:2012, etc. The superiority of its products was recognized on the basis of its technology and quality assurance capacity.

Currently, BNR Co., Ltd. continuously strives for R & D to reduce medical expenses and to contribute to the development of Korea's medical industry through the localization of medical devices by consecutively developing disposable laparoscopic surgery instrumentation. We will continue to develop new technology for Korea's medical devices by listening to more customers and to conduct R & D so that our medical devices can become the global model for medical devices.

Thank you very much.

CEO Bae Kyung chol