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Common qualification requirements

1. College graduate or higher
2. Completed military service or exempted and without grounds for disqualification for overseas travel
3. Preference for person with relevant certificates, person with command for foreign language, and person with experience in the same industry


1. Document screening (successful candidates will be notified by call)
2. Interview (in-service interview and executive interview will be implemented simultaneously for successful candidates)
3. Agreement on working conditions (only for successful candidates

How to apply / submit

1. To download and fill in the Application Form
2. Matters to be noted when filling in the Application Form
   - Accurately fill in the field to be applied by referring to the home page. An applicant should not make changes to the Application Form.
   - Accurately specify the field to be applied as the file name and name as the titles of e-mail
     (e.g., Business Department—Hong, Gil-dong / Incentive—Hong, Gil-dong).
   - Fill in the Application Form provided by BNR Co., Ltd.

Where to submit

1. By e-mail:

When to submit

1. Year-round


1. In cases where it is verified that submitted documents are false posterior to the notification of the final successful candidate and the joining into
   BNR Co., Ltd., admission and joining may be canceled.
2. Submitted documents shall never be returned and shall be managed as our human resources pool (for one year from the date of submission
3. Head-hunting firms shall obtain our approval before quoting this job opening.
4. For further information, please send us an e-mail.