• Purpose of use

Disposable needle to be used to puncture or bore tissue for the insertion of endoscope apparatus

• Product Information

• Product Specifications

Type Model Inner Diameter Sleeve Length Sleeve Type
Laparoscopy BLT 305 5mm 100mm Serration
BLT 310 10mm 100mm
BLT 312 12mm 100mm
BLT 305-1 5mm 75mm
BLT 310-1 10mm 75mm
BLT 312-1 12mm 75mm
BLT 405 5mm 56mm Screw
BLT 410 10mm 56mm
BLT 412 12mm 56mm
BLT 405-1 5mm 75mm
BLT 410-1 10mm 75mm
BLT 412-1 12mm 75mm
BLT 505 5mm 56mm Smooth
BLT 510 10mm 56mm
BLT 512 12mm 56mm
BLT 505-1 5mm 75mm
BLT 510-1 10mm 75mm
BLT 512-1 12mm 75mm
Thoracoscopy BLT 605 5mm 56mm Screw
BLT 610 10mm 56mm
BLT 612 12mm 56mm
Laparoscopy BLT 705 5mm 100mm Smooth
BLT 710 10mm 100mm
BLT 712 12mm 100mm
BLT 705-1 5mm 75mm
BLT 710-1 10mm 75mm
BLT 712-1 12mm 75mm

• Resistance and Durability Test

저항성 및 내구성 테스터기
* Resistance and Durability Tester
We independently developed an equipment to test the resistance and durability of trocar sealing part. Also, we are exerting efforts to improve the safety and reliability of trocars.

* Result

  • Resistance Test Result
    - Resistance Test Result -
    This tester can identify the resistance value after the resistance test.

• Air Leak Test

에어리크 테스트기
* Air Leak Tester
We are exerting our utmost efforts to improve our quality by testing all our trocar products for air leakage using our independently developed leak tester.

• Package

  • BLT
    Trocar Assy 1 + Knife Assy 1
  • BLT
    BLT Double
    Trocar Assy 2 + Knife Assy 1
  • BLT
    BLT Single
    Knife Assy 1
  • BLT
    BLT Triple
    Trocar Assy 3